Brits would favour an en-suite bathroom over a swimming pool in their dream home

Brits ‘dream home’ requirements include ‘mundane’ amenities like an en-suite bathroom ahead of top-of-the-range extras such as a home cinema or a swimming pool.

En-suites topped the list of what we would have in our ‘money-no-object home’, with walk in wardrobes coming in second.

Simply having more natural light was third on the list, followed by a summer house in the garden and a bigger kitchen.

Just one in three adults would opt for a swimming pool – indoors or outdoors – in their dream home.

And only 22 per cent would want it to come equipped with a state-of-the-art gym.

The research was commissioned by The Grand Draw, which is offering Brits the chance to win a £1.1 million mansion – Orleton House – in a raffle.


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