Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

David Birchall, Author and Digital Media Consultant Says “It’s Time To Get Ready And Forge ‘The New Norm’ As Markets Open and Clients Need Help!”

David Birchall, Author and Digital Media Consultant Says “It’s Time To Get Ready And Forge ‘The New Norm’ As Markets Open and Clients Need Help!”

Entrepreneurs Loraine and David Birchall of Artemis Media UK have Launched their enhanced Authority Accelerator Programme serving Small and Medium Businesses who want to attract quality customers, and engage specific audiences as Leaders, Experts and Authorities in Chosen markets and fields of operations.

Birchall said: “We believe that the key is in the ‘Doing’.    It’s about Taking the Actions The Competition doesn’t know about, or Won’t Bother With!    As businesses begin trading again, it will be critical for their owners, managers and key personnel to become recognised as Subject Matter Experts. Quite simply put, People prefer to deal with businesses they trust and see as an expert.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to break into new or different markets and always advocate the drilling down into market sectors to find a Niche where skills and services can make a big difference without masses of competition fighting over the same prospects.   Working with niche players makes it easier to become acutely aware of the issues and problems facing those who find it difficult to get specialist advice from larger companies.”

John Jantsch, author of best seller Duct Tape Marketing, said in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, “Building personal brand authority is perhaps the most important element of marketing today for a brand, business, or individual trying to gain an edge. It does not matter how big or small an audience you might command, it is all about communicating to the right people who believe in your point of view or way of doing business.”

David went on to say: “As a consequence Artemis Media UK have enhanced an Authority Accelerator Positioning Program to help small and medium businesses position themselves as Authorities and Subject Matter Experts in their fields of expertise, using different techniques and forms of media.

We can all tell our clients how good we are, but anyone and everyone plays that game.   Massive amounts of advertising costs are being paid by smaller businesses in adverts, listings in directories and of course striving to get themselves on page one of the major search engines.   That money could be better spent in ways that attract quality clients through trust. The traditional forms of attracting clients may get you on page one of search engines but once there, you are surrounded by all your competitors.

Times are certainly changing, as so many try to get back to some normality. The Crafty Early Birds will not be thinking about the Old Normality as restrictions ease – That’s Gone! If a business wants to get ahead of the competition and secure quality clients it will require them to forge that ‘New Norm’ within sectors, or better still, the niches a business serves.”

A story featured on Fox News informs us that, “The simple truth is, if you are not deliberately, systematically, methodically – or rapidly and dramatically – establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you are asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fuelling the entire economy around you, and neglecting the development of a measurably valuable asset.”

The way a business has to deliver services (or products) has changed and will continue to do so initially to address Distancing Necessities. However, these new ways will soon settle and find a level which is valued a number of steps up from where it was before the Lock down. The Impact of Covid 19 will be around for some considerable time.

Loraine Birchall Expanded on the methodology by saying: “The Old Norm is Gone; What will the New Norm Be Like?   No one really knows, we could be facing an old fashioned Land Grab or a Mine Field.     Small businesses have the opportunity to create their own future reality, their own Norm, by learning from the past and paying attention to what the customer wants/needs and providing it quickly and effectively.     It will require considerable thought and planning but, it is far from impossible, in fact those who bite the bullet now, should find the future hugely rewarding.

Remember how many businesses shrugged off the web before lock down.    They are either suffering significantly or have gone out of business.    To achieve a strong focus firms will have to embrace Market Positioning within their Sectors and particularly their market’s Niches.    They must Claim their Authority and be recognised for their leadership and expertise.

The demand for Authority Branding and Positioning services is growing due to all the recent downturns in economies across the world. Yes, there continues to be a loss of faith with some types of online marketing but, an increase in connecting with individuals who demonstrate a knowledge in their prospect’s issues and problems. The Trust Factor will be ‘BIG’ in months and years to come.”

Loraine finished by commenting:  Finally, the UK business sector is beginning to realise that even if you get known in other countries through News and Marketing, the UK based Search Engines pick that up and it Actually Enhances Your Local Marketing, Your Reputation and Recognition.    There will be many problems to solve when trading resumes after lock down and Artemis Media UK will service that need.”


Jeffrey Wolfe: CEO Adventure TV – Disruption and Breaking Paradigms to Create Massive Success

Jeffrey Wolfe of CEO Adventure TV was a guest on Business Innovators Radio, and The Thought Leaders Show. He spoke about his life-changing journey to become a disruptor.

Wolfe talked about his mother’s passing and how it changed his life forever. Her loss helped him become closer to his father, and it helped motivate Wolfe to look at life differently. Ultimately, Wolfe became a positive disruptor in the business and marketplace.

He leads small groups of five to seven entrepreneurial CEOs of mid-size companies to experience a shared “bucket-list” adventure, priming “out-of-the-box” thinking for creating big breakthroughs. Wolfe says the adventures include everything from archeological digs to whitewater rafting mixed with deep-dive discussion over meals covering business and life.

Wolfe says that it’s important to live our “bucket list” life now, and not to wait.

“Jump off a bridge with me…after that, you’ll be beyond thinking out-of-the-box,” Wolfe said.

“It is the backdrop of playfully stretching our boundaries that really opens up our minds to new opportunities.”

“We focus on sharing each other’s insights, while also inviting Celebrity CEOs to join us. Our participants can pick their brains to expand opportunities for business,” said Wolfe. “CEO means Continuously Expanding Opportunities.”

To learn more about CEO Adventure Summits and upcoming events, email Jeffrey Wolfe at

AdventureCEO TV Live Streams

Currently, Wolfe is hosting AdventureCEO TV Live streams on Facebook and YouTube. Recent interviews include a conversation with “One to Many” Thought Leader Dave Dee about “What is Working Now During Covid-19.”

He also spoke with Informercial and Fitness Leader Forbes Riley about “The Power of the Pitch.”  Riley created the “Spin-Gym” and sells more than 10,000 per month on HSN. Forbes Riley has done more than $2.5B in sales on the HSN and QVC networks.

Find Jeffrey Wolfe at  and watch Wolfe’s Watch on YouTube:

You can listen to the Thought Leaders Show interview with Jeffrey Wolfe at


Sivonnia DeBarros, Principle Attorney of SL DeBarros Law Firm, Announces Her New Book, “What Are You Sporting About,” Aimed to Educate Aspiring, Current & Former Professional Athletes in Business

Like many in business, DeBarros had challenges. After several years of practice, DeBarros discovered that she was losing interest and her passion was no longer being ignited. To find her passion, in hopes of allowing her to live her purpose through legal representation, she commented: “I knew there was a need to educate professional athletes when I kept hearing the same story over and over again but from completely different pros about how they lost their wealth at the hands of other people. After hearing their stories, it also ignited the educator in me to say, ‘hold on… there’s a disconnect here. Why is this continuing to happen?’”

DeBarros also stated that “We can’t possibly fix what’s broken if we never understood what and why something was broken in the first place.” DeBarros continued, “I know pros need protection, but above all, they need the right guidance by the right people. I’ve made it my mission to create collaborative relationships built on trust and a common goal to educate, support, guide – and most of all – protect the pro.”

Her book, “What Are You Sporting About?” challenges the pro to make a self-evaluation by owning their own shortcomings, but then dive into ways to create a solution to their problems by finding their purpose in life so they can operate within their own greatness, creating strategic plans to help them attain wealth and keep it, and structuring their business the right team players to help them establish generational wealth.

About Sivonnia DeBarros

Sivonnia DeBarros is a first-generational lawyer and law business owner, woman in business and a former track and field Division-I College athlete. DeBarros’s practice areas are Business, Employment, Sports, and Entertainment. DeBarros is passionate about helping athletes, women, and first-generation business owners because she understands the peculiar struggle many have faced by not having the necessary support and guidance to be successful.

Additionally, DeBarros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and published author. She authored “The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act: the Roadblocks to Recovery” published in Chicago-Kent College Of Law’s Seventh Circuit’s Review Law Journal, and recently published the new Children’s Book, “JoJo Learns About Credibility,” which is the first book of her new Children Series, “JoJo’s Legal Adventures.”

To learn more about Attorney DeBarros, her firm or her publications, please visit or buy her book on Amazon


Lisa Olona Announces New Book “Cross Your Creek: A Determined Woman’s Guide to Becoming Unstoppable”

Working towards a goal can be difficult, disheartening work, especially when unexpected obstacles keep cropping up along the way. But Lisa Olona’s new book is here to help people who are feeling discouraged realise that there is no roadblock that can’t be beaten. Cross Your Creek is the book for people whose mindsets are keeping them stuck where they are. In it, Olona guides readers through a step-by-step process that will help them overcome any difficulties life throws at them, so that they can continually strive to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives.  

As a Fitness Trainer and Transformation Life Coach with more than 30 years’ experience, Olona knows just how powerful the human spirit can be. And, as someone who has suffered her fair share of knock-backs, she knows that the journey to fulfilment is rarely easy. From a young age, she had to endure hardships that made her feel unworthy, and she was told she could not do the things she wanted to do because of her gender. But she had a passion for fitness and goals she wanted to achieve, and she refused to let the nay-sayers stop her.  

This started her out on a trajectory that has seen her go from strength to strength in the world of wellness. She knows that, “when someone jumps from diet to diet, or exercise program to exercise program, they are simply searching for something that not only works, but that they also really enjoy”. Her Fit for Life Academy is guaranteed, so that when her clients finish their program “they are ready to coach themselves”. Olona boldly promises that anyone registering with her will never need a personal trainer again, and she has a raft of awards, multiple appearances in big-name media outlets, and countless happy clients that can back her up.  

Cross Your Creek is all about undertaking difficult journeys and coming out stronger on the other side, as Olona did. It takes its name from an experience she had a few years ago, on a hike in the red mountains of Sedona, Arizona. At the start of the hike, she and the eight women she was with found that they could only reach the hiking trail if they managed to cross a large creek. The reactions of the people in the group ranged from problem-solving to anger to defeat. But eventually, despite any self-doubting thoughts, they found their way across. The creek has become a metaphor for the unexpected obstacles that seek to throw us off-course, and the approaches we take to dealing with life’s sudden difficulties.   

Olona’s book will help its readers figure out what they want from life, recognise toxic patterns of behaviour in themselves and others, implement healthy thought processes, and switch from self-doubt to a champion’s mindset. It follows many of the steps that Olona herself took to get to where she is today, and offers much of the same advice she gives to her clients.