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Victoria Lowell Launches Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women Podcast

Empowered Worth was created to provide women with information that will help guide them on the path of financial empowerment. The program provides quality content and conversations that will give the listener information that educates them on a topic surrounding finances and other issues women encounter in their lives that are challenging them,” said creator and host, Victoria “Vicky” Lowell,

Victoria is a financial advocate and coach, an International best-selling author and the founder and president of Empowered Worth. She created Empowered Worth to create a community where women can seek the education, they want to feel more financial confident and empowered.
Each Wednesday, a new episode of Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women Podcast features experts or topical information from its host in each weekly broadcast.

“Each weekly episode features educational information that empowers our listeners,” said Victoria. Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women Podcast provides listeners with content that is not just timely and useful, but it is uplifting and empowering.

“Conversational in nature, the goal is to provide the audience with not just worthy wisdom, but a place to get start talking about finances and path to financial empowerment,” she said.

Fans are raving about the conversations with guests including Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste, bestselling author of the Digital Mastery Series. She and Vicky talk about the digital world during Covid-19 in this exciting.

Guest Sanda Estok of Way 2 Protect and bestselling author of “Happily Ever Cyber “ and Vicky talked about identity theft and cyber security.

In another interview, Denna Akin, founder of the The Program College Consulting and Vicky talked about college admission in a Covid-19 World.

Sydio V. wrote that all the questions and answers were extremely helpful. Sydio V. wrote, “Excellent questions that so many parents and students currently have about the future pertaining to university admissions and education. I learned a lot about what we can expect to potentially happen and how the college landscape will be affected by COVID19. Highly recommend this podcast for curious parents (and students). Thank you!”

In upcoming episodes, Vicky is having conversations with Lauren Cohen, bestselling author, International lawyer and business strategist about business funding and allocation during the Covid 19 crisis.

In a separate interview, Dr. Roberta Shaler, bestselling author, motivational speaker and podcaster talks with Vicky about freeing yourself from crazy-making relationships.

Guest Diane Forster, bestselling author, Tedx Speaker, TV and podcast host chat about reinventing yourself.

Empower Your Worth is garnering five-star rave reviews: Karen66 wrote: “Victoria Lowell explores women’s empowerment with an array of fascinating guests from the conventional to the unconventional. She connects to her guests with compassion, an open mind and natural curiosity. I couldn’t stop listening!”

New episodes are live each Wednesday. The Empowered Worth Podcast can be found on more than 40 podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Tune-in and Stitcher.

Additionally, it is available at the Empowered Worth YouTube channel: ) a

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Dee Bowden Releases New ‘Collect the Cash’ Cash Flow Training To Help Business Owners Get Paid What They Are Owed

Dee Bowden of BCS Solutions has a new business training called, “Collect the Cash: 5 Steps to Secure Your Cash Flow.” Available online, interested business owners can sign up at:

Bowden founded BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery company, from a personal desire to see small businesses make big-money impact. Dee believes small businesses fall prey to revenue loss because of poor accounting strategies. That’s why she’s on a mission to help them grow their financial bottom line by sharing her five-step program to revenue recovery. With over 10 years of financial experience, Bowden has collected over $20 million for both companies and government agencies.

Bowden teaches that “Cash Flow is the lifeline of your business.” She explained, “In business nothing moves until something is sold. After working so hard to get the sale, you shouldn’t have to work even harder to get paid. Every minute spent on revenue recovery is another minute taken from building your legacy.” She added, “Don’t let your customers rob you. An honest day’s work should result in an honest day’s pay.”

Bowden is passionate about teaching business owners exactly how to collect the money owed to them from their customers and improve their bottom line. She is offering a new 5-step online training to teach business owners exactly what they need to do to improve their cash flow.

Bowden always states, “The sale is not complete until the money is in the bank!”

Learn more about Dee Bowden and BCS Solutions at: Or, connect via Facebook at:

About Dee Bowden

Dee Bowden founded BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery company. Bowden has collected over $20 million for several companies and government agencies. She was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine in the article “Sealing the Money Leaks 5 Ways to Secure Your Cash Flow” Along with her success in financial management, Dee was featured in Thrive Global magazine in the article “Money Matters: Dee Bowden Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Financial Peace”


Author Jenn Tamera Arredondo Releases New Book: ‘Soul Garden Mom’s Journal’

Released Friday, May 8th, 2020, the book is available on Amazon with a sale price of $1.98 for the ebook (for a limited time) in honor of the book launch and Mother’s Day.
The print version is $24.98.

For many moms, raising kids becomes the primary focus of their lives. Moms place their child’s wants and needs before their own in the hopes of nurturing a loving, healthy relationship. The tendency to put themselves last is especially common with new moms. While the experience of ‘selfless motherhood’ can be rewarding, it can become psychologically and spiritually draining. Not only that, it’s simply not sustainable. Each mother has a unique blend of talents, gifts, and interests that defines who she is at the core of her being. This is the ‘soul’s essence’ and is the fullest expression of spirit, within or without the physical body.

According to Arredondo, “The soul’s essence shapes who we are, what we’re passionate about, and inspires us to live a purpose-driven life. In many instances, new moms become overwhelmed by the pressure of parenthood and lose the connection to this vital, energetic force. We become so focused on our family, that we forget who we are. This disconnect can lead to experiences of depression, stress, and anxiety. The intention of this Soul Garden Moms Journal is to help mothers reconnect with their soul’s essence. I firmly believe that moms who take care of their own needs set themselves up to be better mothers. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

In the journal, Arredondo discusses how you can cultivate and “grow your soul,” by utilizing meditation, nature, writing prompts, and many other practices. She added, “I invite you to use this journal as a tool to assist you in nurturing the ‘garden of your life’ by returning to your true essence. When we are connected to the source of who we are, we allow ourselves the freedom to thrive – not just survive.” The Journal includes quotes from Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Sophia Loren, and Dean Graziosi.

“Cultivating your passion and purpose helps model a healthy lifestyle for your family,” Arredondo said. Clients who work with Arredondo said that the clearing exercises help them to feel lighter and create new possibilities.

To learn more about Soul Garden Moms visit:

Or visit

About Jenn Arredondo

Jenn is a Speaker, Author, Healer, “Mom Nurturer” and Self-Care Expert. With a background of Energetic Massage and Yoga, her experiences have helped her weave together the body, mind, spirit connection. Through meditation, communicating with her guides, shamanic teachings and other healing modalities she has been able to delve even deeper into this connection, and she is delighted to share these gifts with anyone who wishes to receive them.

She created Soul Garden Space, Soul Garden Moms, and this Journal to support moms because she was a mom who experienced postpartum depression and desperately needed support. Soul Garden Moms is a space where moms gather to feel nurtured and supported both virtually and in person. They receive tips and tools to grow their soul, mind, and body through online and in-person coaching, healing sessions, gatherings, playshops, and retreats to cultivate community, their families and find their mama tribe! Jenn is the Creatress of “Isagaya Flow” helping people of all walks of life manage their stress in minutes utilizing her signature movement, breath, and energy techniques. She is a national presenter and performer sharing stages with global transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson.

Jenn’s other passions lie in music, dance, and the holistic healing arts. As a Holistic Healing Artist, she combines her fine skills into movement therapy. She has also founded two organizations aligned with the holistic healing arts. Breathe Bodyworks, a source for healing the mind, body, spirit, and Soul Garden Space, which strives to nurture seeds of love and creativity. Here, she and her husband encourage the community to come together to cultivate their passions and purpose. They are committed to providing tools that allow for a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Recently Jenn and her soulmate Aaron launched a Kids Edutainment series called “The Boogalie Woogalies”. Think of The Muppets for music education. Her product line, “Soul Garden Space” launched in 2010 including DVDs, Cds, and yoga props, which has brought Jenn’s unique style and engaging energy into the convenience of people’s homes. In 2013, Jenn’s YouTube show Soul Garden Space TV debuted educating the globe on holistic living and its profound benefits in healing themselves and the planet.

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