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Make an Impact and Scale Quickly with Femalepreneurs Natasha and Jo

The Femalepreneurs Academy is passionate about helping fellow female network marketers and entrepeneurs who feel stuck in their business. They help you  build a successful business online by using a strategy that feels good to you whilst serving from the soul.

Natasha & JoJo have successful backgrounds in both the network marketing and coaching industry. Their entrepreneurial journey’s started out in the network marketing industry, where they quickly climbed to top positions, built a team of thousands, quit their jobs and went full time in their businesses.

They’ve since scaled their academy to over 6 figures, earning over 200k in their first 2 years of trading and helping thousands of women to build influence online, make the impact they dream of and scale to the income they desire, quickly minus the overwhelm and hustle. They also “walk the walk”, and within 6 weeks they had gone from 0-2000 followers and earned over 70k in revenue from their first course launch. In addition to their business they have also become best selling authors of the book “The elevation of the femalepreneur”. This is a book collaboration between inspirational women who are all successful entrepreneurs and have each shared their stories of how they overcame adversity and succeeded within their entrepreneurial dream.

They realize it is so important to use your own story and lead with it online so you can be unique and authentic and stand out from the “noise” online. They have found that this is the fastest way to build authority and influence, make an impact so you can earn the income you want!

The Femalepreneurs Academy is full of hundreds of likeminded entrepreneurs with over 200 training modules that are a combination of business strategy, marketing, social media systems, mindset, and law of attraction. Natasha and Jo help their clients learn how to find a feel good business strategy that aligns with their passions and then show them how they can run the show as an empowered  femalepreneur and become a magnet for your own success. They know the real secret to success is finding the right balance between strategy and soul and as fully certified NLP practitioners they are qualified to help you re-wire your mind for unstoppable success as well as give you the online business tools to succeed. 

Natasha and Jo’s Femalepreneurs Academy keeps it REAL!

They have faced every challenge along the way and are now armed with the tools, resources and team to help their clients overcome anything and create unstoppable success online.

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Dr. Usha Mantha Book —  Intermittent Fasting Book  is No. 1 Best Seller

How to Release Weight with Intermittent  Fasting by Dr. Usha Mantha M.D. is an International Best Seller on Amazon is myriad categories including Nursing Nutrition, Diet Therapy, Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Healthy Diets, and Food Science in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

How to Release Weight with Intermittent  Fasting also topped the Hot New Release categories in Nursing Nutrition, Diet Therapy, Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Healthy Diets, and Food Science

Dr. Mantha has been featured on health-related podcasts and was recently featured on I heart Radio discussing Verve.

Listen to the Interview about How to Release Weight with Intermittent Fasting.

Dr. Usha Mantha M.D. is a Weight Loss Expert, Board Certified Family Physician and Diplomate in Obesity Medicine with more than 25 years of experience. Dr. Mantha has had extensive training, experience, and passion in providing medical care to all patients in her private medical primary care offices in Upland and Pomona, California.

After teaching for several years, Dr. Mantha developed a strong interest in treating obesity as a chronic disease. Board-certified in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Mantha has been successfully treating obesity and related diseases in outpatient clinics at Casa Colina Hospitals and Centers for Health Care at Pomona for the past years.

Over the previous years, Dr. Mantha has treated several hundred patients for weight management for medical health benefits, preoperative surgery, and for overall improved health.

Dr. Mantha developed special interest and expertise in the role of weight gain in the medical disease process. So, to make women healthy from inside and beautiful from outside Dr. Mantha opened Verve. Dr. Mantha is the founder and CEO of Verve Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics.

Dr. Usha Mantha is also Director of Weight & Wellness at Casa Colina Hospital for Rehabilitation. Here, Dr. Mantha serves the weight management services for patients’ around joint and uro-gyn surgeries. Clients have access to expert physical therapy, water therapy, and individualized exercise regimes. Dr. Mantha is also passionate and is involved in teaching PMR residents.

In this book, Dr. Mantha provides insights into the values and benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF) weight loss, medical health benefits, and overall wellness.

Get  How to Release Weight with Intermittent  Fasting on Amazon.

The mission of Verve is, “Aging is not optional but aging beautifully is.”

Dr. Mantha believes your body is the biggest asset you have, and here at Verve, we help you protect, nourish, and preserve your biggest investment. Verve thrives to make you healthy from inside and beautiful from the outside.


Verve Medical Spa and

Laser Aesthetics located at:

1101 N. Euclid Ave., Suite B,

Upland, CA 91786


(909) 377-2939 or (909) 675-0365



Text DOCTOR to (909) 734-1834

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