Easy ways to make a trendy Christmas wreath for your home

The wreath is an underrated Christmas staple which is rapidly becoming the star of the show.Searches for Christmas wreaths have doubled as we head into December, with white wreaths seeing a 250 per cent increase in Google searches this year as opposed to last.The top five wreath trends for December 2021 have been revealed as the white wreath as above, the dried wreath, with searches up 130 per cent, the orange wreath, up by 114 per cent, the asymmetric wreath, up by 87 per cent, and the re-used wreath, with searches increased by 82 per cent.Floristry expert Wendy Rea, said: “While in the past, wreaths have been colourful, popular wreath trends now are more understated. White is a classy, stylish colour which evokes a sense of snow in a warm living room.”Neutral white goes with everything. Also, white is a calming colour. And everyone is looking for a soothing Christmas experience in 2021.”

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