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Dean Coulson BSc, Martial Artist, Develops “Master the Warrior Within” A New Program for CEO’s and Senior Executives

Dean Coulson BSc, Martial Artist, Develops “Master the Warrior Within” A New Program for CEO’s and Senior Executives

Dean explained: “I have been a prominent martial artist for over 30 years, I have Dan Grades in different martial arts and have been inducted into the UK martial arts hall of fame.  Yet I found there were some aspects of my personality and life that brought me to feel fear.   Yes, believe it or not, I suffered from a sense of fear and anxiety.  So, I studied these sensations and was surprised at my findings which brought about my new system.

I became passionate about health and what I see as its Four Elements that allow us to thrive, they are Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being.   You see, after being told by experts my wife and I could never have kids naturally, I embarked on a path uncovering what true health was, to see if there was another way. It turned out there was, and so our son Sam was conceived naturally.

Whilst I am not decrying the medical profession, it concerned me that sometimes in the west, Clinicians often come up with an opinion based on their understanding of a clinical symptom, rather than that of an individual’s “whole body”, by which I mean an Holistic approach.”

Dean’s system is designed for successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are stressed, anxious and feel burnt out. The program helps to optimise their health and performance by removing internal self-limiting emotions so that they can relax, feel happy and fulfilled and spend more time with their family.

Coulson went on to say:  “The trouble is that so many men bottle things up and don’t seek help and all this does, is make things worse. I realised how I could use my Martial Arts skills and abilities of self-protection in the way I was able to coach, train and mentor those who are experiencing apprehension, panic attacks and a sudden sense of fear.   If you don’t express yourself, those repressed emotions can present as pain and disease. What I developed was a new way of looking at and tackling these ‘Man Problems’ that really works.”

If you would like to know more about Dean’s Programme contact him on dean (at) deancoulson (dot) co (dot) uk


Fitness Guru, Mai Tran, Achieves No. 1 International Best-Selling Author Status with “Active Girls, Healthy Women”

Active Girls, Healthy Women was originally launched in 2012 and relaunched on May 19, 2020.  It became a number-one best-seller in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and was among the top-five best-sellers in the United Kingdom. The book was a sales leader in categories including “Exercise & Fitness,” “Women’s Health,” “Teen & Young Adult Fitness & Exercise,” “Children’s Fitness,” “Health Reference,” “Aerobics,” and more.  Tran has sold more books than television personality and renowned trainer Jillian Michaels and Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman.

Author Mai Tran states that she wrote this book as a response to the obesity epidemic among children in the United States. “One in three American kids is obese and, with so many food options available and a lack of health and physical education in parents, the obesity epidemic expands every year.  This breaks my heart. As adults and parents, we have an obligation to help our children not only be the best versions of themselves but also help them develop healthy eating habits and active lifestyles,” she stated.

“I wrote Active Girls, Healthy Women with one purpose in mind: to help guide our young girls in the direction of building a solid foundation based on health, strength, and fitness so they become healthy, fit, and strong women!” said Tran.

The relaunch of Active Girls, Healthy Women is particularly relevant during the current global health crisis, when many of us—including children—are sheltering in place. As Tran says, “The best thing to do during the COVID-19 pandemic is to remain calm, stay active, and keep our bodies moving! Staying active and exercising is important because, when we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins, which make us feel good. This is what we all need during these challenging and uncertain times—a big dose of endorphins!”

For people currently unable to go to the gym or who don’t feel comfortable yet doing so, Tran’s book is a great option. “The quick and simple exercises in my book can be done at home without any special equipment. Some of the great aerobic exercises that condition all parts of the body are pushups, burpees, planks, alternating Superman, bicycles, cross-body V-ups, crunches, and many various types of lunges.  Additional exercises are included in the book,” she explained.

Active Girls, Healthy Women is available at

About Mai Tran: Mai Tran is an Asian-American author, model, and entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. She went to Boston College and has gone on to become one of the world’s leading fitness professionals. Mai has represented a number of top international sports-nutrition and supplement companies and is the current spokesmodel for Cardillo Weightbelts. She still resides in Boston and spends her time working on her company, FitChic, and a television series project. You can follow Ms. Tran on Instagram, click here.


Women For The Win Book of WNBA & Basketball Professionals, Inspires Young Female Athletes And Scores Top Listings on Amazon Internationally

While almost everywhere is locked-down indoors, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Canadian Basketball Journeys (CBJ) has released Women For The Win, the first in a series of anthology books that include personal stories of perseverance and determination from WNBA & professional players, coaches, and agents, to inspire the next generation of female athletes.

The eBook was published last month and reached International Bestseller status on Amazon, in multiple categories and countries. The book listing page on Amazon continues the bear the coveted #1 Bestseller Orange Flag, a result of achieving THREE #1 best seller positions in Canada, where it was produced.

A softcover print, hardcover print, and audiobook edition of Women For The Win (Volume 1), will be released in the coming months, with plans for alternate-language editions.

Amazon review by Jerry Howarth
“Aycha writes about her feelings so well that every reader will enjoy and learn from them whether they are into sports or not. It’s called life as Aycha shows us how she overcame various adversities to make her the person she is today so positively influencing others. The best way I can sum up Aycha who I have known for years is this: as a person she went from glass half empty to glass half full to now glass overflowing with her most loving heart for others. After reading her story you will be overflowing with praise for her, too.”
– 5.0 out of 5 stars

Opportunities to meet directly with the co-authors begin in early May, with a “Meet the Co-Authors” series beginning May 7 with WNBA Player and Team Canada member, Kayla Alexander.

Register and participate at:

Women For The Win is not just another book, it’s an opportunity to join a family. The Canadian Basketball Journeys “family” is creating active communities, and opportunities for young athletes to connect individually and personally with leading female athletes, coaches, agents, and broadcasters, to inspire and enrich their own journeys into leadership through sports. CBJ is committed to creating initiatives that fosters family involvement and promotes basketball, wellness, and education – these initiatives are funded by the proceeds of books, and event sponsors.
#CBJFamily and #CBJShareYourStory

Created by Alison Canning and Kevin Wilson, NBYMP
“We intentionally released this book now to give our co-authors an opportunity to connect and listen to families and offer them hope, encouragement and love as a fellow person.”

Foreword by Tariq Sbiet, Founder of North Pole Hoops and CEO, National Preparatory Association

Sharing their own stories of overcoming personal and external challenges and obstacles, the list of coauthors includes:
* Natalie Achonwa, WNBA Player, Team Canada Member, 2x Olympic Athlete
* Kayla Alexander, WNBA Player, Team Canada Member 2021 Olympic Debut, Children’s Book Author
* Bridget Carleton, WNBA Player, Team Canada Member 2021 Olympic Debut
* Aycha Hamaoui-Askarova, Collegiate Coach & Educator, Director of Basketball Development NBYMP
* Alex Kiss-Rusk, Professional Basketball Player, Team Canada Member
* Meghan McPeak, Play-by-Play Broadcaster (WNBA/NBA G-League), Manager Content & Programming MSN
* Mariah Thomas, Professional Basketball Player, Team Canada Member, Founder of Enrich Fit
* Katherine Plouffe, Professional Basketball Player, Team Canada Member
* Micaella Riche, Former Professional Basketball Player, Women’s Basketball Scout & Collegiate Coach Basketball, Operations Manager-Lay Up Youth Bball
* Chantal Vallée, CIS National Champion, Coach Head Coach/General Manager for Men’s CEBL Team (Professional BBall)
* Leisa Washington, WNBA/NBA Basketball Agent, Founder of Camda Sports Foundation

Canadian Basketball Journeys presents “Women For The Win” OFFICIAL Author Intro Video

Interview with Kayla Alexander

CBJ is supported by 6 Canadian provincial basketball associations including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, with more partnerships anticipated.

CBJ is a collaboration of Kevin Wilson, founder of NBYMP (National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program) and Alison Canning, founder of non profit organization Let’s Get Together.

Women for the Win”, is a series of personal stories with potentially transformative tips that promise to educate and empower those who read it. There are 5 more volumes of stories already on the playbook, along with live events and programs to strengthen the connections between readers to the authors.

CBJ is a creative platform that empowers families through stories, perspectives, and love. In partnership with Canada’s most influential and iconic people, CBJ hopes to assist youth and families along their own journey both on-and-off the basketball court.

Through CBJ’s book series, online presence, and events, families can expect a positive, yet thought provoking experience. The “CBJ family” is expanding globally and growing to become an educational platform filled with positivity, love and faith.

The book is available on Amazon and online at


Jake Rauchbach, Founder of The MindRight Pro Program Has Helped Numerous Professional, Olympic, And College Athletes Unlock On-Court Statistical Improvement

Jake Rauchbach is recognized as an authority on both mindset and high-performance, Jake’s On-line Training Course provides players, coaches, parents, and teams the blueprint for unlocking mindset and an athlete’s true potential.

Rauchbach has a master’s degree from Temple University, and an M.B.A. from Drexel University, and Business Certification from Cambridge University. He is certified in high-performance.

MindRight Pro is the Leading-Edge of High-Performance Mindfulness training and has been proven repeatedly to help players at the highest levels of basketball statistically improve their games.

The Jake Rauchbach Story:

After suffering a traumatic injury as a young child and experiencing the depression, PTSD, and chronic physical challenges that followed, Jake was forced to reach outside of the box for an effective and repeatable way that gave him relief. As a teenager, he researched, applied, and implemented psychology, sports psychology mindfulness, mental training, and other types of holistic methods.

Drawing upon the most powerful aspects from each modality, Jake discovered a multi-layered process to enable him to feel better. The breakthroughs in his healing journey weren’t just confined to his personal life but also extended to basketball performance.

As he began to train his mind and unpack the trauma he had experienced, Jake’s confidence, focus, and overall basketball performance began to improve on the court.

After his playing career, Jake earned two master’s degrees, received numerous high-performance certifications, and founded the MindRight Pro Coaching Program intending to help other players improve their performance.

Jake’s work has helped athletes of all sports, including Olympians, NFL players, UFC fighters, and College All-American lacrosse and soccer players.

Rauchbach has been around the world and back in search of what the best-of-the-best do to obtain high performance – those who blur the lines between superstardom and supernatural – pushing the boundaries to what we think is impossible – from world champions and Olympians to the hall of fame coaches, mixed-martial artists, actors, to business executives – the planet’s best, those who seemingly bend the laws of physics with their mind.

Throughout this process, Jake has acted as a go-to consultant for NBA, Olympic, EuroLeague, High-Major College, and High-School All-American players, and also consults directly for professional and college teams and head coaches.

The MindRight Pro Program:

The MindRight Pro Program is a multi-layered, systematic approach combining high-performance mindfulness, mental training, and life-skills coaching. It is proven to facilitate statistical performance improvement for players. MindRight Pro teaches and instills foundational mental-skills, life-skills, that can be used throughout a career to navigate on and off-court situations that may arise.

Here is what the professionals are saying about Jake’s Program:

SB Nation calls Jake’s program, “The next frontier in basketball.” Doug Gottlieb says, “The missing link for so many has been found.” Hall of Fame Temple Head Coach Fran Dunphy says, “Jake has unique skills that elevate the overall achievement of a team.” Golden State Warrior Damion Lee says, “MindRight Pro helped me make an NBA team.”

In Europe. Will Cummings, Oldenburg Basketball Club’s leading scorer, and All-Star proclaimed, “Jake helped prepare me to play Pro basketball.” Israeli SuperLeague veteran Tal Dunne, “This is the first time in my career that I don’t get nervous at the foul line.” The 2009 NBA three-point champion and NBA Veteran Daequan Cook said, “It helped me get to the next level.”

Bottom Line Results are based on the holistic player development training; it statistically improves performance and opens the door for players to enhance skill-sets both on the court and within off-court lives. It empowers players and gives them the skills to bypass potentially hazardous situations that may arise throughout a career.

The High-Performance Mindfulness Podcast is Live With Jake Rauchbach!

Jake interviews some of the Top Performing Professionals in The World Of Sports and Performance.

Here are three of the most popular shows:

  • Noah Croom, A-General Manager Minnesota Timberwolves (16-19′) Joins the HPM Show! Noah Croom, former Assistant General Manager (Minnesota Timberwolves & Vancouver Grizzlies) and agent joins the HPM show! During his time with the T-Wolves, Noah spearheaded innovative mental health initiatives that served his players…
  • Coach Jake & Dr. Erin Shannon (A.K.A the NFL’s Witch Doctor) Set it OFF! Coach Jake Rauchbach and guest Co-Host Dr. Erin Shannon (A.K.A the First woman EVER to grace an NFL sideline, A.K.A The NFL’s Witch Doctor) open the show with backstories, revealing secrets, and powerful mental performance…
  • Hue Jackson – Former Head Coach Cleveland Browns & Oakland Raiders joins to breakdown Mental Performance in the NFL! Former Cleveland Browns & Oakland Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson joins the HPM show to talk Mental Performance & Integrated Player Development. Co-host Dr. Shannon is back to Chop it up with her former boss! Coach Jackson, Dr. Shannon &…

 To learn more about Jake Rauchbach & MindRight Pro LLC go to If you would like to reach Jake you can email him at


PROGRAM 15 and New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series to Host Pre-Draft Regional Combines to Support Draft Eligible Players

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, sports fans have witnessed professional leagues and amateur associations across the globe make the tough decision to end their seasons or suspend operations over the last two weeks. Baseball is one of those sports, and there is still some uncertainty surrounding the beginning of Major League Baseball’s upcoming season.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred recently cited the CDC’s recommendation to restrict events of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks as the reason behind the decision to push back Opening Day from Thursday, March 26 to at least mid-May. And while the 2020 MLB Draft is scheduled for June 10-12 in Omaha, recent reports say MLB is considering multiple options for it as well.

As the current health crisis has MLB’s season start date up in the air, the uncertainty with the pandemic brought amateur baseball to a definitive and grinding halt last week as colleges and high schools across the country made the decision to suspend or cancel their seasons. To many, the cancellation of a season may seem like a short-term disappointment for high school or college baseball fans, however, it can have tremendous long-term consequences for amateur players and their potential professional career in the Major Leagues.

PROGRAM 15, the Official Global Grassroots Player Identification and Development Program for New Balance Baseball, is taking their own broad and swift action to fill that void by giving 400 high school and college-level players the opportunity to be scouted before the 2020 Draft.

The organization is announcing that it is in the process of organizing four New Balance Future Stars Series Pre-Draft Regional Combines in locations currently being secured in the North, Midwest, Southeast, and West regions of the country.

There is no cost to attend the two-day Pre-Draft Combines. However, participation is by invitation only and limited to a maximum of 100 draft-eligible high school and college players at each location. Players will be selected to attend the combines through an application and referral process. Official dates and locations are subject to an official MLB draft date confirmation and will align with Major League Baseball’s recommendations to ensure all 30 clubs have the same planning time and are fully aware of the opportunity to attend the events.

Draft-eligible high school and college players are encouraged to apply to attend one of the regional pre-draft combines as soon as possible by visiting College coaches are welcome to nominate players as well.

Traditionally, this is the peak time of year for Major League Baseball teams to have their scouting departments fully deployed across the country, scrambling to catch as many high school and college prospects as possible in preparation for the upcoming draft. Given current circumstances, those plans have drastically changed. The broad and swift loss of this year’s amateur baseball season has left a huge void in scouting opportunities.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ director of amateur scouting Billy Gasparino recently commented on the halt in scouting activity to the Los Angeles Times, “We’re going to try to make it to April 1 and just reassess the environment… Maybe creatively come up with some ideas, watch games on video. We have a lot of data we can sort through and just become more of a research department until we know what’s going to happen next.”

Jeremy Booth, PROGRAM 15 Founder, CEO and President of Baseball Operations for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series says, ”This is a crucial time of the year to be seen by scouts. It’s often the last window of opportunity for a lot of guys who have been overlooked or were perhaps a little slower in developing into great players. Unfortunately, that window of opportunity was just closed for a lot of truly talented players who, along with their families, have dedicated years of time and financial commitment to a future in this game. We’ve lost four months of games and there’s no way to replace that. But something needs to happen for the players, for the game of baseball, to calm some fears. And If there’s a possibility that we can do something about it. That’s what we are going to do.”

It isn’t taking long for the word to spread. Enthusiasm among baseball insiders for the Pre-Draft combines, which was recently mentioned on the MLB Network’s Power Alley show with Jim Duquette and Mike Ferrin, is extremely high.

Already drawing the interest of some of amateur baseball’s top talent, several Future Stars Series International Week alumni featured in THE ATHLETIC article “Keith Law’s Top 30 prospects for the 2020 MLB Draft” are expected to attend including:

Zac Veen
Mick Abel
Justin Lange
Dylan Crews
David Calabrese
Markevian “Tink” Hence

Since the inaugural International Week in 2018, the annual signature event of New Balance Baseball and PROGRAM 15 has featured 32 amateur players who went on to be selected during the 2018 and 2019 MLB Drafts. Total bonuses from MLB clubs to players participating in Future Stars Series events have passed the $18 million mark and hundreds of college scholarships have been awarded to players across all levels through PROGRAM 15 Regional Partner Organizations.

PROGRAM 15 Scouting Reports are just one of the reasons Future Stars Series Scouting and Evaluation events have built a reputation as the most comprehensive amateur baseball player identification and development experiences available. Backed by decades of Professional Baseball Scouting experience, PROGRAM 15’s highly skilled scouting staff provide in-depth and credible evaluations that are trusted by Major League scouts and college coaches across the country.

PROGRAM 15 boasts a faculty and staff that includes multiple Major League All-Stars and World Series veterans responsible for executing the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, an initiative between the two organizations to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches. For more information on PROGRAM 15 and the Future Stars Series, visit or @program15bb and @ftrstarsseries on Twitter.

New Balance, headquartered in Boston, MA has the following mission: Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. Manufactured in the U.S. for over 75 years and representing a limited portion of our U.S. sales, New Balance Made U.S. is a premium collection that contains a domestic value of 70% or greater. New Balance owns five factories in New England and one in Flimby, U.K. New Balance employs more than 6,000 associates around the globe, and in 2017 reported worldwide sales of $4 billion. To learn more about New Balance, please visit and for the latest press information please visit