Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford leads huge campaign to end child poverty

Dean Coulson BSc, Martial Artist, Develops “Master the Warrior Within” A New Program for CEO’s and Senior Executives

Dean explained: “I have been a prominent martial artist for over 30 years, I have Dan Grades in different martial arts and have been inducted into the UK martial arts hall of fame.  Yet I found there were some aspects of my personality and life that brought me to feel fear.   Yes, believe it or not, I suffered from a sense of fear and anxiety.  So, I studied these sensations and was surprised at my findings which brought about my new system.

I became passionate about health and what I see as its Four Elements that allow us to thrive, they are Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being.   You see, after being told by experts my wife and I could never have kids naturally, I embarked on a path uncovering what true health was, to see if there was another way. It turned out there was, and so our son Sam was conceived naturally.

Whilst I am not decrying the medical profession, it concerned me that sometimes in the west, Clinicians often come up with an opinion based on their understanding of a clinical symptom, rather than that of an individual’s “whole body”, by which I mean an Holistic approach.”

Dean’s system is designed for successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are stressed, anxious and feel burnt out. The program helps to optimise their health and performance by removing internal self-limiting emotions so that they can relax, feel happy and fulfilled and spend more time with their family.

Coulson went on to say:  “The trouble is that so many men bottle things up and don’t seek help and all this does, is make things worse. I realised how I could use my Martial Arts skills and abilities of self-protection in the way I was able to coach, train and mentor those who are experiencing apprehension, panic attacks and a sudden sense of fear.   If you don’t express yourself, those repressed emotions can present as pain and disease. What I developed was a new way of looking at and tackling these ‘Man Problems’ that really works.”

If you would like to know more about Dean’s Programme contact him on dean (at) deancoulson (dot) co (dot) uk


How work-from-home is creating new challenges for small businesses

Louisville, KY – July 22, 2020 – HiveDesk, a leading time tracking software for remote and work-from-home employees, surveyed over small businesses in the US to identify the impact of working from home.

The Covid-19 crisis has forced most businesses to work from home. It has pushed small businesses to adapt to an unfamiliar work environment while coping with the economic disruption. The survey covered businesses that employ between 20 and 250 people. The survey asked them how they were coping with the current crisis and how they planned to move forward.

Key findings:

The survey found that most small businesses transitioned successfully from working in an office to working from home. But the changes brought about by this change are having far-reaching impacts on many industries.  

  • Work-from-home is not the future, it’s the present. Many studies over the last 3-5 years have predicted that working from home will the future of work. That future has arrived. 33% of small businesses in the survey said they are not going back to office while another 33% said they will have a lot fewer employees working from office once the pandemic is over.
  • Most of these businesses would not have considered working from home in the past. They are now sold on the concept because they are saving money, employees love it and the productivity is up.
  • This new found love for working from home will lead to a lot of vacant office spaces in the coming months as old leases expire but new tenants don’t step in to fill the gap. Office fixture and furniture suppliers could also see a squeeze on their business in the short term.
  • Industries like office supplies and telecom services that sold to and serviced a central location will be forced to supply to employees’ homes and compete with the likes of Amazon for individual orders.
  • Small businesses are investing in communication, collaboration and time tracking software at an accelerated pace. These tools are key enablers of work-from-home.

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