Nation divided over how to settle a bill after a meal out with friends and family

A study of 2,000 diners, by, revealed 34 per cent believe you should split the bill straight down the middle including the tip, while 36 per cent reckon it should be split precisely based on who has had what.

Nearly half (43 per cent) are left feeling awkward when it comes to approaching how to pay when they eat out.

But eight in 10 (80 per cent) wouldn’t let such experiences put them off heading back to restaurants as they continue to reopen.

However, love it or hate it, 63 per cent said splitting the bill is all part of the eating out experience.

Julie Daniels, head of rewards at said: ‘’Splitting the bill often divides opinion, as our research shows. But one thing is for sure, people are looking forward to dining out again and plan to make up for lost time.

‘’As restaurants continue to reopen their doors, we have expanded our Meerkat Meals reward to give our customers even more choice and to make splitting the bill a little easier.”


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